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Nathalie Lété’s Busy Paintings Make Great Illustrated Products

Nathalie Lété

See that spotted dog in the painting above? I love ’em. And honestly, it’s the first thing I noticed when looking at Nathalie Lété‘s work… like I have some sort of 6th sense for that type of thing. Her paintings are full of quirky objects  set against patterned backgrounds. They are busy, but so much fun to look at!

In addition to paintings, Nathalie’s illustrations adorn many, many products. I’ve included her scarves here, and she’s created images that are on toys, tote bags, key chains, and ceramics.

Nathalie Lété nathalie-6 nathalie-5 nathalie-3 nathalie-2nathalie-12 nathalie-11 nathalie-10 nathalie-14 nathalie-13

And, a rug!nathalie-8

Lately & Liked

Shops I’ve Seen Lately & Liked


For this week’s Lately and Liked, I thought I’d highlight a few shops. They all sell home goods, stationary, and other things that brighten our lives. Nothing essential, I’d say, but certainly  necessary.



Neëst combines inspiration in Japanese design and was founded upon a strong Scandinavian influence. Their store has a lot of simple, well-designed items that use natural materials (you see a lot of wood). They have some great pieces for your kitchen. Check out their blog, too!

neest neest3 neest5 neest4



KOROMIKO is founded by Tracey George, a New Zealander now living in Dallas, Texas.  They started with the idea to support and promote independent designers that produce handmade craft and design products. They are into the idea of slow shopping, making thoughtful purchases with minimal consumption. Each year they donate at least 1% of sales to an organization that supports arts in the community.

koromiko4 koromiko3 koromiko2


Fine Little Day


Truth be told, I’ve admired Fine Little Day (and the blog!) for years. I’m a lover illustrated products, and they have plenty. They have a plethora of interesting and varied products like wallpaper. Fine Little Day prides themselves on being a happily inconsistent and sprawling company.

finelittleday2finelittleday4 finelittleday5finelittleday3