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Long Form is now LIVE! on eyra illustration gallery


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve mentioned my online gallery, eyra, is putting on Long Form, its third exhibition. I’m happy to announce that the show is live TODAY! As in right now. Check it out. Then, check out the shop


Long Form features illustrations that are unusually long or wide. Illustrators could interpret that however they wish, and the results are really amazing. The details that come from the extended format warrant a careful look.

The show features work from the following illustrators: Ana BenaroyaAndrea RossiJessi NoonanJohn ChaeKyle PelletRand RenfrowSeo Kim, and Wai Wai Pang

I’m always interested in web design and how to create a dynamic environment to showcase illustration in an online format. So When you look at images from Long Form online, you can drag thumbnails of the images to create your own gallery. You’ll also use your mouse to unfold each image. Here are a few images from the show. But, be sure to check out the rest!

Rand Renfrow

Seo Kim

John Chae