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Sonia Poli’s Exquisite “Vegetal Gradiant” Paper Sculpture

This exquis­ite piece by illus­tra­tor Sonia Poli is called Veg­e­tal Gra­di­ant. It’s made from paper and mounted in an embroi­dery frame. Sonia writes: While fol­low­ing my path through the paper col­lage world and I sim­ply came up with this. Tired of frames, I wanted my col­lage to act more like a sculp­ture. After play­ing around with fish […]

Beautifully Grotesque Sculptural Illustrations by Sophie Page

Sophie Geneva Page sculpts her illus­tra­tions and then pho­tographs them into 2D scenes that have an unde­ni­able 3D appeal. She’s inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and Catholic reli­gious imagery (among other things), and she’s also inter­ested in arts and crafts, dolls, fairy tales, plants, bugs, and more. Can’t you see these influ­ences in her work? I love that […]

Felted Fungi on Real Wood… For Your Home!

This past Novem­ber, I was brows­ing one of my favorite Bal­ti­more shops, Trohv. There, I came across the local Close Call Stu­dio. It’s run by Amanda Adams who hand­crafts dec­o­ra­tive mush­rooms from recy­cled vegan felt. They’re mounted on wood and per­fect for dis­play­ing on your shelf, cof­fee table, etc.. I love the jux­ta­po­si­tion between craft and real […]

Colorful Folk Animals Feature Beautiful, Intricate Details

I love how col­or­ful these Oxa­can wood carv­ings are! They’re avail­able through the San­dia Fine Mex­i­can Art web­site and fea­ture a cast of lively crea­tures with intri­cate pat­terns. Dif­fer­ent skilled artists paint bears, giraffes, dogs, and more. Some­times, they’re totally wacky and ride bicy­cles and carts. Take some time and look at all of these crit­ters. You […]

Stylish Ladies on Porcelain Brooches by Minini

Minini (Min Lee) is an illus­tra­tor and ceramic artist whose work focuses on the char­ac­ter design of young, fash­ion­able ladies. Her delight sub­jects don styl­ish bobs, cool hair acces­sories, and rosy cheeks. I really like her brooches and wish that she’d restock her Etsy shop with them ‘em. I’d love to pin one to sweater!

Colorful & Abstract Papier Mache Vessels by Rachel Ibarra

Rachel Ibarra is an Atlanta-based artist who made these col­or­ful bowls out of papier mache. Inside of each of these ves­sels is an abstract paint­ing fea­tur­ing pat­terns and fields of color. In addi­tion to the plates, Rachel also crafted paper plants, too. They look really cool in vases!

Sabine Timm Masterfully Personifies Inantimate Objects

Sabine Timm is the mas­ter of per­son­i­fy­ing the inan­i­mate object. I’ve fol­lowed her work for years (she’s one of the first peo­ple I fol­lowed on Flickr), and she has never ceased to amaze me with her delight­ful scenes and arrange­ments. Funny faces, nat­ural dis­as­ters, her own draw­ings are mixed in and cre­ate fan­tas­tic vignettes.

Elsa Mora’s Incredible Cut Paper “Garden of Books”

Ya’ll, I am so impressed with this cut paper sculp­ture by artist Elsa Mora; the details within it are incred­i­ble! Using just acid-free paper and glue, she cre­ates depth and tex­ture through well-placed cuts and minus­cule, hand-punched holes. Close-up shots reveal won­der­ful things like the tini­est dec­o­rated books on a shelf. Get lost in this piece […]

Sweet and Subversive Sculptures by Eun-Ha Paek

I first saw Eun-Ha Paek’s ceram­ics while attend­ing ICON7 in 2012.  Her small, bizarre char­ac­ters cap­ti­vated me, and I’ve fol­lowed her work ever since. Today, Paek is still cre­at­ing sculp­tures with clay, in addi­tion to wood and card­board. I enjoy her exag­ger­a­tion of ears, hair, and more; the melted eye­balls and an unhappy drum­stick are simul­ta­ne­ously sub­ver­sive with […]

Pip and Pop’s Peculiarly Adorable Candy-Colored Worlds

These images are a bit of oldies, but are def­i­nitely good­ies. I’ve seen some great minia­ture art­works lately (like the those by Kendal Mur­ray), which reminded me of how much I enjoy Pip and Pop’s  (aka Nicole Andri­je­vic and Tanya Schultz) tiny, candy-colored scenes. The Aus­tralian duo uses things like sugar, sand, glit­ter, arti­fi­cial plants, found objects, pipe clean­ers, wire, beads […]