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Art Imitates Life in Delightful Stop Motion Animations About Cooking

“If we can make it out of paper,” yelldesign writes, “you can make it out of food.” This is the idea behind Papermeal, a delightful series of stop motion animations by the Melbourne-based creative group. Obsessed with fish, chips, and other delicious meals, their videos take everyday recipes and interpret them with paper. The result is a surreal cross between art process and food demonstration. Watch ’em all below!

papermeal by yelldesign

Shugo Tokumaru >> Katachi

Happy Monday, ya’ll! And how about those Ravens, huh?

I wanted to extend a huge THANKS to you for your patience over this past week. I had some irritating technical issues to deal with (and am still dealing with), but I am grateful for your readership.

So, how about something jubilant for the start of the week? Chad Kouri posted this on his Tumblr last week, and I fell in love. It is a music video by Shugo Tokumaru for the song Katachi.

I really like the song, and the animation has me in awe. As someone who has been dabbling in stop motion animation lately,  this is an excellent use of it. The color, the rhythm and contents of the video are very appropriate for the feel of the music. It’s also amazing how water and swimming is conveyed in an environment that feels rather cold.