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Things I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Stone and VioletCrys­tal and min­er­al col­lec­tion via Stone and Vio­let on Etsy.

I don’t have a clever theme this week. Most of my brain space was spent get­ting Sam­pler ready to launch (check it out!). I did some seri­ous Pin­ning ear­li­er this week, so here are some of the fruits of my labor. Fol­low me on Pin­ter­est to see what I am pin­ning. Right now, I real­ly like soup, ceram­ics, and gold.

Xenia Taler Xenia Taler Xenia Taler Xenia TalerCeram­ic art tiles and triv­ets by Xenia Taler.

SHiliconfETTI° SHiliconfETTI° SHiliconfETTI°SHili­con­fET­TI° sweaters on Etsy. Love the cloud cardi­gan!

NasuKka NasuKka NasuKka

State­ment neck­laces made out of rope, by NasuK­ka on Etsy.

Thom BrowneThom_Browne_001_1366.450x675Thom Browne Resort 2014

Fuhito Motegi Fuhito Motegi Fuhito MotegiThese objects by Fuhi­to Mote­gi.

And final­ly, this DIY for adding a lit­tle glitz to your white mugs. Via Gar­land of Grace:

Gold DIY