Vanesa Zendejas


Vanesa Zendejas is an artist living and working in Chicago. She works on paper and with objects to create sculptures, and has an upcoming show with Katy Keefe (who I have written about previously). The show is titled Living With Them, and is Roots & Culture Contemporary Art Center from April 1st through April 29th. The idea behind her work is looking at how the past still resonates with modern culture:

Looking to the objects that surround us, the work of Vanesa Zendejas deals with the reconstructed modernism we live with and that which is present in our common knowledge of art history. Sculptures and works on paper resonate between classical abstract forms and familiar furniture, arrangements and textures. The work also looks to the more obscure American geometric abstractionists and their direct influences, always keeping in mind our modernist lineage and how that effects us.

All images via her website.