Artist, Drawing

Winnie Truong’s Lusciously-Drawn Locks

Wither With Bloom 2012

Truth be told, I am sort of sick of my hair. A couple of months ago, I chopped 5+ inches off, (~13 centimeters to those using the Metric system) and am missing my long locks. Winnie Truong’s drawings of women with luscious hair makes me even more eager for it to grow back.

Winnie’s work depicts women wrapped in hair, using it as a mask or for protection. She uses pencil crayon to achieve the soft yet realistic style in her drawing. She doesn’t provide us a background, making these portraits devoid of context. I’m not bothered by this. I am interested in the women and hair, and want to focus my attention solely on them.

All images via her website. Follow her on Tumblr if that’s your thing.

Winnie Truong Winnie Truong Winnie Truong Winnie Truong Folie A Deux Cull Of The Young 2013 A Hopeful Combination 2013 Junction 2013 Fair Share Of Deceit 2013 Junction 2013