Giulia Tomai’s Illustrations Use Pencils Real Well

Giulia Tomai

Giulia Tomai is an Italian illustrator who knows how to wield the mighty pencil. Her drawings, which often depict young women, use soft lines and the flattened edge of a graphite or colored pencil. She doesn’t seem overly concerned with realistic rendering and plays with distortion and pattern. I especially like it when she combines colored pencil and graphite, and it reminds me of famed illustrator Isabelle Arsenault. The graphite is acts as a way to build form, while the colored pencil accents it.

All images via her Tumblr and blog.

giulia Illustration Giulia Illustration Giulia TomaiGiulia Illustration

Giulia Illustration

Giulia also illustrated the Shakespearian classic, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Here are a couple of spreads from it:

Giulia Illustration Giulia Tomai