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Hang a Whale on Your Wall with Lorien Stern’s Ceramics

Ever wanted to own a giant sperm whale? What about a ple­siosaur? Well, thanks to Lorien Stern’s Etsy shop, these are achiev­able goals. The ceramic artist crafts large-scale crea­tures to hang on your wall, and they evoke the giant game tro­phies that hunters might dis­play in their den. Unlike those taxi­dermy ani­mals, how­ever, Lorien’s works are […]

Sweet Ceramics Inspired by Romanian Folklore, Awesome!

The Awe­some Project is “an exper­i­men­tal jour­ney of the mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary” by illus­tra­tor Madalina Andronic. Her porce­lain cre­ations are inspired by Roman­ian folk­lore, and this influ­ence seeps into sweet fairies, col­lars, and much more. Seri­ously. I’ve fea­tured many of her pieces, but Madalina has a lot more to see on the Awe­some Project Tum­blr. “The wish,” she writes, “is […]

Vintage Ceramics Reinvigorated with Colorful, Abstract Designs

Nina van de Goor, known as Ninain­vorm on her Etsy shop, uses vin­tage ceram­ics and rein­vig­o­rates them with her col­or­ful designs. Funny faces and sim­ple, bold shapes are the focus of her work. They’re play­ful and are the per­fect con­trast to the flow­ery, pre-existing imagery. I could see these as the per­fect accent to an equally-as-fun-feeling kitchen!

Ceramic Vessels Want You to Remember Nice Things

Sachie Kaneko, aka Kusafane, is the woman behind these sweet-looking ceram­ics. They’re meant as small sculp­tures as well as prac­ti­cal objects like vases and can­dle hold­ers. In addi­tion, Kaneko wants her hand­i­work to be some­thing that has a pos­i­tive asso­ci­a­tion attached to it — like, if you received it as a gift from a spe­cial some­one in […]

Sweet Ceramic Figurines by Nico Masemula

I couldn’t find much on the work of Nico Masem­ula, a South African artist who pro­duces charm­ing ceramic fig­ures. But, I love the sweet, sim­ple nature of these objects. Peo­ple smil­ing, read­ing books together, their arms around each other… real nice. Images via Clem­intina Ceramics

Ceramic Greyhounds’ “Tattooed” Coats Read Like Dreams

Brazil­ian artist Eve­lyn Tan­nus paints beau­ti­ful sur­face designs on ele­gant ceramic stat­ues of Grey­hound dogs. She turns their normally-neutral-colored coats to hues like mint green, sky blue, and lilac. In addi­tion, Eve­lyn draws flow­ers, geo­met­ric pat­terns, human fig­ures, and much, much more on the dogs’ bod­ies and heads. I love see­ing how the seem­ingly dis­parate imagery flows together, as if we’re […]

Who Needs a Pencil When You’ve Got Thread?

Julie Van Weze­mael is an illus­tra­tor based in Ghent, Bel­gium, and she com­bines paint­ing and embroi­dery in her exquis­ite works. The use of thread is often sub­tle; here, you can see that it takes the place of lines that would nor­mally be drawn with a pen or pen­cil. I like the tex­ture it cre­ates, and it adds an […]

A Lightbulb as a Tail: Ceramics by Il Sung Na

See that guy? I bought him at MICA’s Art Mar­ket this past week­end! Il Sung Na crafted these adorable crea­tures that have a prac­ti­cal pur­pose. They hold tea lights, light­bulbs, paint­brushes and more. I love the col­or­ing and the char­ac­ter design. Like, the light­bulb out of a figure’s butt? How amus­ing and clever! I saw all […]

Michelle Summers’ Nebulous of Gingerly-Drawn Designs

Michelle Sum­mers is a ceramic artist liv­ing in Min­neapo­lis, Min­nesota. She dab­bles in dif­fer­ent artis­tic media like paint­ing, draw­ing, and jew­elry, and you can def­i­nitely see the influ­ence in these phys­i­cal objects. The multi-layered designs fea­ture gingerly-drawn por­traits of peo­ple and birds, in addi­tion to non-representational shapes. Each piece feels like a neb­u­lous or stream of […]