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A Lightbulb as a Tail: Ceramics by Il Sung Na

See that guy? I bought him at MICA’s Art Mar­ket this past week­end! Il Sung Na crafted these adorable crea­tures that have a prac­ti­cal pur­pose. They hold tea lights, light­bulbs, paint­brushes and more. I love the col­or­ing and the char­ac­ter design. Like, the light­bulb out of a figure’s butt? How amus­ing and clever! I saw all […]

Michelle Summers’ Nebulous of Gingerly-Drawn Designs

Michelle Sum­mers is a ceramic artist liv­ing in Min­neapo­lis, Min­nesota. She dab­bles in dif­fer­ent artis­tic media like paint­ing, draw­ing, and jew­elry, and you can def­i­nitely see the influ­ence in these phys­i­cal objects. The multi-layered designs fea­ture gingerly-drawn por­traits of peo­ple and birds, in addi­tion to non-representational shapes. Each piece feels like a neb­u­lous or stream of […]

Countless Ceramic Beads Make Up One Incredible Whole

British artist Fenella Elms cre­ates ceramic art­works that are com­prised of intri­cate, meticulously-placed porce­lain beads. They are con­structed intu­itively, mean­ing that there’s no for­mal plan for their com­po­si­tion. The var­ied ori­en­ta­tion of the pieces result in a chang­ing per­spec­tive depend­ing on your van­tage point. So, how does Fenella do it? The indi­vid­ual ele­ments (and there are so many!) are […]

Allyson Mellberg Taylor’s Alluringly Grotesque Portraits on Ceramics

I’ve been a fan of Allyson Mell­berg Taylor’s draw­ings for sev­eral years now, but only recently real­ized that she cre­ates illus­tra­tive ceram­ics, too! Her slightly grotesque por­traits have made their way onto vin­tage din­ner plates where the sub­jects have pim­ples, two heads, and talk in leaves. I can’t help but be reminded of the graphic novel Black Hole by Charles […]

Barruntando Ceramics Are Cute, Functional, Sometimes Just Cute

The Span­ish col­lec­tive Bar­run­tando cre­ates adorable, hand-painted char­ac­ters out of clay. Sleepy foxes, baby sloths, minia­ture croc­o­diles, and more are all avail­able in their Etsy shop. Some, like the piece above, serve a dual pur­pose aside from just look­ing cute; they are illus­trated prod­ucts like yarn bowls and mag­nets. An obvi­ous strength of Barruntando’s work is their […]

Laura Bird’s Figurative Stoneware Sculptures

Laura Bird is an illus­tra­tor and maker based in Lon­don. One of the things that she makes are stoneware sculp­tures, a lot of which fea­ture fig­ures and cats. The ladies on rocks are my per­sonal favorite, but I enjoy all of these pieces. Check out the mix­ture of clay tex­tures. Check out all these pieces […]

Small Ceramic Spoons with Big Personalities by Nayanai

For some rea­son, I’m really par­tic­u­lar about the spoons that I like to use. They can’t be too large or small (I don’t want to feel like I’m hold­ing a uten­sil made for a baby), and it’s best if they are beau­ti­ful, too. With those stip­u­la­tions in mind, I’d totally use these ceramic spoons by […]

Yvonne Ellen Pairs Vintage Plates to Create Playful Diptychs

Yvonne Ellen’s up-cycled ceramic plates are delight­fully whim­si­cal. Instead of keep­ing an image con­fined to a sin­gle cir­cle, the illustrator’s designs span mul­ti­ple vin­tage pieces. We see an animal’s head on one plate with its tail on another; it cre­ates an engag­ing dip­tych. Yyonne’s Etsy shop is com­prised of orig­i­nal pieces and no two designs […]

Rami Kim’s Playful Ceramic Dishes Feature a Eerie Suprise

Is that a… float­ing head in that dish? Why, yes it is! Rami Kim cre­ated these whim­si­cal ceramic pieces that inter­act with food in a play­ful way. They fea­ture small, painted faces that sit in the mid­dle of the bowls and con­tinue to stare up at you as you’re fill­ing them with salt, fruit, and more. […]