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Forget Face Planters: Haired Jars are Just the Vessels You’re Looking For

Laura Bird haired jar

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll know I have a deep love of face pots. Well, they now have a worthy opponent: haired jars. This delightfully strange classification describes the work of ceramist Laura Bird, who crafts heads sporting stylish hairdos that you then lift to reveal what’s inside. The interiors are glazed with a shiny, clear finish so they’re able to hold liquids. What a fantastic addition these would be to your bar.

Laura sells a variety of ceramics in her Etsy shop, including vases, plates, and small sculptures.

Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar Laura Bird haired jar

Laura Bird


A Majestic 3D Crest Banner with Musical Octopi

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner

I recently ordered some felt to make a crest banner. As I wait to get started, I’ve been inspired by Hine Mizushima’s recently-completed piece, The Royal Aquarium Souvenir Shop. This impressive pennant features a mixture of 2D and 3D elements, complete musical octopi and a creature crest. It’s colorful, tactile, and completely handmade—what a regal way to honor a place (imaginary or otherwise)!

Check out some of Hine’s work-in-progress shots, below.

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner


Hine Mizushima Crest Banner

Hine Mizushima Crest Banner



Señorita Lylo’s Embroidered Collars are Ready to Party!

Señorita Lylo

These collars are ready to party! Loly Ghirardi (aka Señorita Lylo) is a Barcelona-based designer and embroiderer who created these colorful pieces. They’re full of tiny, abstract shapes that have a great visual variety—some stitches are very tactile while others are smaller and intricate.  I’m especially drawn to the collar with tiny houses on it—the idea of creating a story on this unconventional space.

Loly is a graphic designer by trade. After working on the computer so much, she wanted to “bring a more ‘human touch'” to her projects and incorporated embroidery. She enjoyed it so much that she began working on the types of pieces featured here. Learn more about her in an interview with Poppytalk.

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo

Señorita Lylo


Paper Craft

Diana Beltran Herrera Constructs Lifelike Birds Out of (Only) Paper

Diana Beltran Herrera

No, those birds in flight aren’t a photograph—they’re paper sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera. For years, the Colombian artist has crafted lifelike, graceful creatures using meticulous construction and fine textures. It’s these intricate details that make Diana’s sculptures so impressive; look closely, and you’ll notice all of the small cuts that perfectly mimic a bird’s plumage.

Diana’s formal education is in industrial design, but after graduating, she realized she didn’t want to pursue it as a career. “I am really interested in the simple processes of transformation that don’t need complicated tools or industrial processes,” she told Frankie Magazine. Hence the paper.

In Diana’s eyes, there’s a disconnect between humans and nature; through her artwork, she wants to repair this relationship. As a result, pieces are “presented as a resistance where those sculptures remain in an ideal state and act like a model of representation of a reality that doesn’t suffer any change.” They’re beautiful now and will remain so for a lifetime—that way, we can always admire them. (via My Modern Met)

Diana Beltran Herrera









Diana has recently branched out and created butterflies:





Beautiful Blooms and Hand Lettered Embroideries by Marigold + Mars

Marigold + Mars

Marigold + Mars is modern hand embroidery by Cristin Morgan. Her colorful hoop art is centered around lettering and flowers, often combining them into one beautiful piece.

In addition to her embroidery, Cristin creates banners to hang on your wall. (In fact, one of them made my recent list of  Illustrated Product Obsessions!) I love the luscious, floral banners, and I’m definitively keeping my eye out for them in her shop. It’s perfect for my office!

Marigold + Mars

Marigold + Mars

Marigold + Mars










Meticulously Embroidered Houseplants by Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning is a contemporary crafts-lady who fills wooden hoops with meticulously-stitched ferns, cacti, and other potted houseplants. As a fellow plant embroiderer, I absolutely love these—they’re little vignettes of everyday life, created with the time-honored tradition of stitching. They’re a nice complement to artist Anna Valdez’s paintings of interior spaces, don’t you think?

Sarah has an Etsy shop where you can buy her embroidered beauties. And Londoners, she’ll also be at Renegade Craft Fair in London next month!












New Plush Dolls by Cat Rabbit are Based on Recent Trip to Japan

Cat Rabbit

September is one of my favorite months. Not just because of the cooler temperatures, but because it’s my birthday, too! (I suspect that many people chose their birthday month as their favorite, too.) First on my gift wish list? These plush dolls by Cat Rabbit (previously)! They are totally adorable and the detailing is, as always, impressive—especially with the small accessories.

All of these characters were created for Cat Rabbit’s show Return to Twinkle Plaza at the Brisbane-based Outré Gallery, which is based on her recent travels. “I used materials and supplies that I sourced in all of those amazing craft stores you find everywhere in Japan,” she writes on her blog,  “including wool from bricoleurs in Sapporo and lovely traditional fabric from Nippori Fabric Town.”

If you’re local check out Cat Rabbit’s show until September 7. Buy works from the show on the Outré Gallery website.







Paper Craft

2 Intricate Cut Paper Illustrations to Admire

If you’ve read this blog for even a little while, you know that I’m a big fan of cut paper illustrations. These are two projects—by different illustrators—that I’ve enjoyed, and I thought you would too!

If you follow me on Tumblr or Instagram, then you’ve seen part of these before. Follow me to see daily illustrations that don’t always make it on here!

Sonia Poli:



Pergy Acuña:




Illustrator, Paper Craft

Cut Paper Portraits Transform Pets into 17th Century Aristocrats

People Too

People love their pets, so naturally, they have artworks made in their honor. Russian-based illustrators Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erlich— aka People Too—created a delightful series that imagines their clients’ animals as decorated war heroes, dainty ladies, and learned fellows.  They’re totally imaginative and constructed entirely out of paper. The creative pair layered colors and cutouts, producing 3D portraits reminiscent of historical paintings from the 17th or 18th century.  Check out their work in progress below!

People Too

People Too







Paper Craft

A Mural Made Completely Out of Paper by Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte
Not too long ago, I shared some of Mlle Hipolyte’s amazing paper-crafted masks. Since then, I’ve been keeping an eye on her work. I was perusing Instagram yesterday and saw snippets of her mural-sized paper project. How great! And, better yet, Mlle posted the entire Tropical Jungle on her website.

She explains on Bored Panda that everything was cut by hand, and it took two weeks to get the paper elements ready to go up on the wall. Afterwards, it took six hours to apply it to the vertical surface. Totally worth the time and energy. I love the colors and all the small details.
Mlle Hipolyte Mlle HipolyteI-made-this-large-wall-fresco-with-many-pieces-of-paper1__880 I-made-this-large-wall-fresco-with-many-pieces-of-paper__880 Hip-0394__880 Hip-0391__880