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Designer-Turned-Crafter Stitches Little Leather Creatures That Live Under the Sea

Leather Creatures by Freda Cheung

Trained as graph­ic design­er, Fre­da Che­ung has gone ana­log and sculpts leather crea­tures by hand. “I’ve always been inter­est­ed in the ocean,” she tells Frankie Mag­a­zine. “Some of my dig­i­tal art­work shares the ocean theme. Then I saw oth­er artists mak­ing ani­mals from felt, and want­ed to make my own sea crea­tures in leather.” To pro­duces her octo­pus­es, crabs, and lob­sters, their pat­terns are pieced togeth­er and secured with whip stitch­es. Some, like the tiny whales, are quirky brooches. Oth­ers are larg­er and stur­dy enough to stack on top one another—for extra fun.

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Botanical Embroideries Transform Thrifted Garments into Coveted Clothing

Embroidered clothing by Sam Eldridge

Embroi­der­er Sam Eldridge stitch­es jun­gles, gar­dens, and flo­ral bou­quets on thrift­ed gar­ments. The col­or­ful cre­ations breath new life into these sec­ond-hand pieces and give them a fresh feel by trans­form­ing them into one of a kind pieces. Her embroi­dered cloth­ing fol­lows a long tra­di­tion of repair­ing a gar­ment rather than out­right dis­pos­al. Long ago, before the atom­iza­tion of the Indus­tri­al Rev­o­lu­tion, peo­ple would mend their cloth­ing over and over again, because each piece was so expen­sive to make in the first place. That’s not real­ly a con­cern today, of course, but Sam is engag­ing in the same idea—create a new twist on some­thing old and extend its life for the wear­er.

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Ceramics, Inspirational Instagram

11 Inspiring Ceramic Artists to Follow on Instagram

Best ceramic artists on Instagram

It’s the final stop on my unof­fi­cial “Insta­gram tour” that high­lights some of my favorite feeds worth your fol­low. So far, I’ve high­light­ed paper artistsillus­tra­tors, embroi­dery artists, and sketch­books that are inspire me—and others—with their incred­i­ble artistry. Last but not least, I’m chron­i­cling some of the best ceram­ic artists on Insta­gram.

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Colorful Fish Float on Fabric, Transforming the Embroidery Hoop into a Fish Bowl

Fish embroidery on tulle

Embroi­der­ing on tulle seems like a chal­lenge. It’s more del­i­cate than your tra­di­tion­al cotton—making it less for­giv­ing than oth­er fab­rics. But when done well, the effect is mes­mer­iz­ing. We’ve seen how tulle and flow­ers can frame the world in beau­ti­ful bou­quets. And with work of Kate­ri­na Marchenko, the hoop is like an aquar­i­um; her col­or­ful fish embroi­dery seem­ing­ly floats on the gauzy sur­face. Con­fined to their cir­cu­lar frame, it’s like an old fash­ioned fish bowl. Kate­ri­na stitch­es more than fish, how­ev­er, bring­ing whales into the mix. But don’t wor­ry about them—they are lat­er freed from the hoop and adorn her styl­ish cloth­ing.
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Inspirational Instagram, Paper Craft

10 Inspiring Paper Artists to Follow on Instagram

Follow the best paper artists on Instagram

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve shared over 30 of my favorite Insta­gram feeds from some of my must-fol­low cre­atives. Through embroi­dery artists, illus­tra­tors, and sketch­book keep­ers, it’s so easy to be inspired by sim­ply turn­ing on your phone.

In one of the final stops of our tour, I’ve select­ed 10 of the best paper artists on Insta­gram. They each have their own way of work­ing and turn­ing the 2D mate­r­i­al into spec­tac­u­lar 3D sculp­tures.
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Charming Bicycle Embroideries Have Beautiful Blooms Spilling from Their Baskets

Bicycle Embroidery

I don’t have a car, so rid­ing the local bike share is one of the ways I get around. But, I can guar­an­tee that my rides are not near­ly as whim­si­cal as the bicy­cle embroi­dery by Walk­er Boyes of True­Fort. Called the Velo Series, it fea­tures hand-stitched bikes that are dec­o­rat­ed with col­or­ful blooms. They rep­re­sent a fan­ta­sy, like some­thing out of a movie—carefree week­end excur­sions to the farmer’s mar­ket that over­flow with a boun­ty of fresh flow­ers.

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1 Year of Stitches, Embroidery

1 Year of Stitches Recap | 10 Embroideries from February

1 year of stitches, Sara Barnes

I know it’s so cliche, but time real­ly has been fly­ing with the 1 Year of Stitch­es project. Month two is now a wrap! (Won­der­ing what I’m talk­ing about? Read more here.) As I look in the Face­book group and on the Insta­gram hash­tag, I’m blown away by all of the amaz­ing embroi­dery that’s in the works. Some folks have tak­en a fig­u­ra­tive approach to their hoop and embroi­dered small scenes, while oth­ers cre­ate abstract com­po­si­tions with thread.

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Embroideries of Fowl-Mouthed Birds and Victorian Shadow Puppets

Embroidery hoop art by Kate Appleby

Inspired by flo­ra, fau­na, and Vic­to­ri­an shad­ow pup­pets, Kate Apple­by cre­ates delight­ful hoop art that com­bines a vari­ety of stitch­ing tech­niques. From the basic back­stitch to French knots, she illus­trates birds with fowl mouths (pun intend­ed) and hands with sprawl­ing leaf tat­toos. The embroi­dery airs towards the side of min­i­mal­ism, but Kate has an excel­lent sense of com­po­si­tion and bal­ance that’s informed by her back ground in graph­ic design.

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