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Colorful Abstract Landscapes Take You on an Ethereal Journey Through Nature

Tiel Seivl-Keevers

Sometimes, a painting can take you somewhere exciting and new—a place where you’ve never been, much less imagined going. That’s how I felt when looking at the work of Tiel Seivl-Keevers, an Australian artist creating ethereal abstract images. With pockets of colors and organic marks, Tiel communicates places of of both splendor and despair, where the path ahead is unknown but there’s an awesome journey along the way.

“I build layers. I erase. I assemble. I alter, until I am satisfied that I have captured the mood and beauty that nature provides,” Tiel writes on her website. “Nature is repetitious and each season brings a memory; a visual, overlapped map that tells a story of new life and death. The destruction that rain and fire can bring, and the beauty that results. Each pod, seed, pebble and shell share a story.”

Tiel’s work is for sale on her website!

Tiel Seivl-Keevers

Tiel Seivl-Keevers










Fantastic Retro-Style Illustrations by Loris Lora

Lois Lora

Loris Lora’s illustrations are a wonderful fusion of contemporary imagery and a retro artistic style. Using gouache, a dry-brushing technique, and sometimes cut paper, she paints portraits of people admiring their surroundings, dressing in costume, and strumming on the guitar.

Loris was recently in a show at the Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena, California. The exhibition was called An Open Diary, and it brought together artists who “share a playful sensibility and enjoy highlighting life’s small and oftentimes overlooked moments.” You can definitely see these instance in Lois’ work — she shows us that it’s not all about hustle and bustle. Sometimes, you have stop and appreciate what’s right in front of you every day.

Buy original art by Loris through Flower Pepper Gallery’s website! (Also: follow them on Instagram. They’re always posting great stuff.)

Lois Lora

Lois Lora








Paintings by Este MacLeod Will Make Your Day Happier

Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod is a UK-based artist whose works are full of color and personality. They’re cubist-inspired paintings that offer beautiful depictions of nature and still lifes, celebrating plants, animals, and idyllic landscapes. They use a flattened sense of perspective which makes their compositions complex. Every inch of her work is covered in vibrant hues and small shapes.

In her Etsy shop, Este sells prints, notebooks, and cards of her artwork. Brighten up your home with some of her vibrant works! How could you look at these and not feel happy?

Este MacLeodEste MacLeod este-5 este-4 este-3 este-2 este-9 este-8este-10


Wonkyvision: A Delightful Look into the Strange World of Kyle Pellet

kyle pellet

Artists, illustrators, and makers: do you keep a lot of your work from years past? Personally, I’m bad at that. I have the itch to clean and discard, which means I’m often getting rid of work that’s on my computer but is taking up too much space in my apartment. That’s why, when artist Kyle Pellet contacted me about his new publication, Wonkyvision, I was intrigued. It’s a collection of his drawings from 2010 to now.

Published by Valley Cruise Press, this 32-page zine showcases Kyle’s sense of humor and his wacky characters throughout the years. They pepper the pages, bringing an absurdest joy to the entire thing. Check out some of the spreads below. I love how he manipulates photos, paintings, and other drawings. They all look like they’re in Kyle’s “world,” but occupy different parts of it.

Inside-Cover-Front kyle pellet KP 5 KP 10 KP 6 KP 18 Pg04 pg16 pg19 KP 16 KP 2

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Nathalie Lété’s Busy Paintings Make Great Illustrated Products

Nathalie Lété

See that spotted dog in the painting above? I love ’em. And honestly, it’s the first thing I noticed when looking at Nathalie Lété‘s work… like I have some sort of 6th sense for that type of thing. Her paintings are full of quirky objects  set against patterned backgrounds. They are busy, but so much fun to look at!

In addition to paintings, Nathalie’s illustrations adorn many, many products. I’ve included her scarves here, and she’s created images that are on toys, tote bags, key chains, and ceramics.

Nathalie Lété nathalie-6 nathalie-5 nathalie-3 nathalie-2nathalie-12 nathalie-11 nathalie-10 nathalie-14 nathalie-13

And, a rug!nathalie-8


The Visually Dizzying Works of Husmann/Tschaeni

Husmann/Tschaenihusmanntschaeni12 I don’t know how best to describe these works (are they paintings? partially photographs?) by Husmann/Tschaeni, so I’ll just let them speak for themselves. The in-your-face color, texture, and patterns are a dizzying combination that I find captivating. They draw me in and I can’t look away. See more images on Husmann/Tschaeni’s website, which includes equally as intense series of photographs. Husmann/Tschaeni husmanntschaeni9 husmanntschaeni8 husmanntschaeni7 husmanntschaeni6 husmanntschaeni5 husmanntschaeni4 husmanntschaeni3 husmanntschaeni2 husmanntschaeni1

Illustrator, Painting

Kris Chau’s Lyrical Lines and Ethereal Sketches

kris chau

I was first introduced to Kris Chau’s work when I was in undergrad. She was a guest professor for a “lifestyle” illustration class I was taking, and I fell in love with her way of drawing. Chau uses beautiful lines throughout each piece that have a lyrical feel to them.  And when she’s not doing that, she peppers her work with lovely patterns.

If you check out Chau’s blog, she does a lot of sketching. I’ve included some of them here, and they are handled more loosely than her paintings. She couples this treatment with ethereal depictions of goddesses, mermaids, and spirits.  It creates an appropriately dreamlike world.

Instagram alert: she has one. Follow her! (And how about me, while you’re at it?)

kris chau

krischau3krischau6krischau8krischau4 krischau5 krischau7


Andre Levy’s “Tales You Lose” Paints “Adventure Time” on a Coin

andre levy

Coins are pretty neat looking, if you ask me; I love all of their little idiosyncrasies. German-based designer Andre Levy has painted smattering of currencies in his series Tales You Lose (clever title!). He doesn’t just colorize the portraits already on coins, but paints figures in popular culture on these small objects. More about his series:

We are constantly surrounded by pop figures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gossip magazines. They are sometimes our escape from reality, our fantasies. Coins portray something opposite: the real, the everyday. 

​This project is about individual expression in opposition to massified thinking, about how our personal passions are more worthy than things that are imposed to us. The paint brings to the faces of kings and presidents borrowed narratives from other famous characters and unleash individual alternative stories.

Check out the Tales You Lose website for me. There are so many good coins on there!

andre levy andre levy andrelevy8 andrelevy7 andrelevy6 andrelevy5 andrelevy4 andrelevy3 andrelevy