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Fantastic Retro-Style Illustrations by Loris Lora

Lois Lora

Loris Lora’s illus­tra­tions are a won­der­ful fusion of con­tem­po­rary imagery and a retro artis­tic style. Using gouache, a dry-brushing tech­nique, and some­times cut paper, she paints por­traits of peo­ple admir­ing their sur­round­ings, dress­ing in cos­tume, and strum­ming on the guitar.

Loris was recently in a show at the Flower Pep­per Gallery in Pasadena, Cal­i­for­nia. The exhi­bi­tion was called An Open Diary, and it brought together artists who “share a play­ful sen­si­bil­ity and enjoy high­light­ing life’s small and often­times over­looked moments.” You can def­i­nitely see these instance in Lois’ work — she shows us that it’s not all about hus­tle and bus­tle. Some­times, you have stop and appre­ci­ate what’s right in front of you every day.

Buy orig­i­nal art by Loris through Flower Pep­per Gallery’s web­site! (Also: fol­low them on Insta­gram. They’re always post­ing great stuff.)

Lois Lora

Lois Lora








Paintings by Este MacLeod Will Make Your Day Happier

Este MacLeod

Este MacLeod is a UK-based artist whose works are full of color and per­son­al­ity. They’re cubist-inspired paint­ings that offer beau­ti­ful depic­tions of nature and still lifes, cel­e­brat­ing plants, ani­mals, and idyl­lic land­scapes. They use a flat­tened sense of per­spec­tive which makes their com­po­si­tions com­plex. Every inch of her work is cov­ered in vibrant hues and small shapes.

In her Etsy shop, Este sells prints, note­books, and cards of her art­work. Brighten up your home with some of her vibrant works! How could you look at these and not feel happy?

Este MacLeodEste MacLeod este-5 este-4 este-3 este-2 este-9 este-8este-10


Wonkyvision: A Delightful Look into the Strange World of Kyle Pellet

kyle pellet

Artists, illus­tra­tors, and mak­ers: do you keep a lot of your work from years past? Per­son­ally, I’m bad at that. I have the itch to clean and dis­card, which means I’m often get­ting rid of work that’s on my com­puter but is tak­ing up too much space in my apart­ment. That’s why, when artist Kyle Pel­let con­tacted me about his new pub­li­ca­tion, Wonkyvi­sion, I was intrigued. It’s a col­lec­tion of his draw­ings from 2010 to now.

Pub­lished by Val­ley Cruise Press, this 32-page zine show­cases Kyle’s sense of humor and his wacky char­ac­ters through­out the years. They pep­per the pages, bring­ing an absur­dest joy to the entire thing. Check out some of the spreads below. I love how he manip­u­lates pho­tos, paint­ings, and other draw­ings. They all look like they’re in Kyle’s “world,” but occupy dif­fer­ent parts of it.

Inside-Cover-Front kyle pellet KP 5 KP 10 KP 6 KP 18 Pg04 pg16 pg19 KP 16 KP 2

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Nathalie Lété’s Busy Paintings Make Great Illustrated Products

Nathalie Lété

See that spot­ted dog in the paint­ing above? I love ‘em. And hon­estly, it’s the first thing I noticed when look­ing at Nathalie Lété’s work… like I have some sort of 6th sense for that type of thing. Her paint­ings are full of quirky objects  set against pat­terned back­grounds. They are busy, but so much fun to look at!

In addi­tion to paint­ings, Nathalie’s illus­tra­tions adorn many, many prod­ucts. I’ve included her scarves here, and she’s cre­ated images that are on toys, tote bags, key chains, and ceramics.

Nathalie Lété nathalie-6 nathalie-5 nathalie-3 nathalie-2nathalie-12 nathalie-11 nathalie-10 nathalie-14 nathalie-13

And, a rug!nathalie-8


The Visually Dizzying Works of Husmann/Tschaeni

Husmann/Tschaenihusmanntschaeni12 I don’t know how best to describe these works (are they paint­ings? par­tially pho­tographs?) by Husmann/Tschaeni, so I’ll just let them speak for them­selves. The in-your-face color, tex­ture, and pat­terns are a dizzy­ing com­bi­na­tion that I find cap­ti­vat­ing. They draw me in and I can’t look away. See more images on Husmann/Tschaeni’s web­site, which includes equally as intense series of pho­tographs. Husmann/Tschaeni husmanntschaeni9 husmanntschaeni8 husmanntschaeni7 husmanntschaeni6 husmanntschaeni5 husmanntschaeni4 husmanntschaeni3 husmanntschaeni2 husmanntschaeni1

Illustrator, Painting

Kris Chau’s Lyrical Lines and Ethereal Sketches

kris chau

I was first intro­duced to Kris Chau’s work when I was in under­grad. She was a guest pro­fes­sor for a “lifestyle” illus­tra­tion class I was tak­ing, and I fell in love with her way of draw­ing. Chau uses beau­ti­ful lines through­out each piece that have a lyri­cal feel to them.  And when she’s not doing that, she pep­pers her work with lovely patterns.

If you check out Chau’s blog, she does a lot of sketch­ing. I’ve included some of them here, and they are han­dled more loosely than her paint­ings. She cou­ples this treat­ment with ethe­real depic­tions of god­desses, mer­maids, and spir­its.  It cre­ates an appro­pri­ately dream­like world.

Insta­gram alert: she has one. Fol­low her! (And how about me, while you’re at it?)

kris chau

krischau3krischau6krischau8krischau4 krischau5 krischau7


Andre Levy’s “Tales You Lose” Paints “Adventure Time” on a Coin

andre levy

Coins are pretty neat look­ing, if you ask me; I love all of their lit­tle idio­syn­crasies. German-based designer Andre Levy has painted smat­ter­ing of cur­ren­cies in his series Tales You Lose (clever title!). He doesn’t just col­orize the por­traits already on coins, but paints fig­ures in pop­u­lar cul­ture on these small objects. More about his series:

We are con­stantly sur­rounded by pop fig­ures – in films, in music, comics, and even in gos­sip mag­a­zines. They are some­times our escape from real­ity, our fan­tasies. Coins por­tray some­thing oppo­site: the real, the everyday. 

​This project is about indi­vid­ual expres­sion in oppo­si­tion to mas­si­fied think­ing, about how our per­sonal pas­sions are more wor­thy than things that are imposed to us. The paint brings to the faces of kings and pres­i­dents bor­rowed nar­ra­tives from other famous char­ac­ters and unleash indi­vid­ual alter­na­tive stories.

Check out the Tales You Lose web­site for me. There are so many good coins on there!

andre levy andre levy andrelevy8 andrelevy7 andrelevy6 andrelevy5 andrelevy4 andrelevy3 andrelevy