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Amazing Animations: Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz

 Elliot Schultz

I love it when embroi­dery is in used in uncon­ven­tional appli­ca­tions, and designer Elliot Schultz has done so in a super cre­ative way. He cre­ated a series of embroi­dered zoetrope!

If you aren’t famil­iar with a zoetrope, it’s an ani­ma­tion tech­nique that uses a series of pic­tures on an inner sur­face. When they’re rotated and dis­played — either with a strobe light or by pho­tographs — the illu­sion of motion is created.

For his final project at the ANU School of Art in Aus­tralia, Elliot cre­ated six discs with ani­mated sequences embroi­dered on their sur­faces. They were designed to be played on stan­dard turnta­bles, bor­row­ing the shape and size from a 10″ vinyl record. Once they were hit with a strobe light, the ani­ma­tions came to life.

Check out the GIFs and video to see these pieces in action. How cool! (Via Colos­sal)

 Elliot Schultz

 Elliot Schultz




How Did You Do That?

How Did You Do That? Nancy Liang Shares Her GIF-Making Process

Nancy Liang1b

I’m excited! It’s finally time to share my newest fea­ture called How Did You Do That? This series will revolve around mak­ers and how they cre­ate the things we love. It comes from both a curi­ous and self­ish place, because when I look at an illus­tra­tion, I often won­der how it was made. Don’t you?  For the first install­ment of  How Did You Do That?, illus­tra­tor Nancy Liang shares how she cre­ates her beau­ti­fully spooky GIFs. She also gives some great advice for aspir­ing animators!

So, with­out fur­ther ado, here’s my inter­view with Nancy!

Brown Paper Bag: What’s the first step of cre­at­ing your GIFs? What type of draw­ing mate­ri­als do you use, and how do get your images on the screen?

Nancy Liang: I begin with sketches first. They start rather loosely but become more defined as I use them as a guide when I col­lage. Some­times my final work will not look exactly like my sketches — a few things may be miss­ing or changed.


Nancy’s ini­tial sketch (fin­ished piece below).

NL (answered con­tin­ued): If it is an ani­mated piece I have to think about what I need to ani­mate before I start. I write a lot of notes and use a check­list. For me the ani­ma­tion process must be very orga­nized and con­trolled. The process is very close to that of tra­di­tional ani­ma­tion. The back­ground is usu­ally a sta­tic hand­made and/or hand drawn piece and what I choose to move is sep­a­rated into lay­ers and placed over the back­ground. I will then scan all my lay­ers into my com­puter, arrange them in Pho­to­shop and then start to animate.

I use lots of kraft paper and dis­carded card. If I ever use color I make my own tex­tures by paint­ing, using mark­ers, pas­tels etc. I use a range of graphite pen­cils rang­ing from 9H to 9B.


Nancy’s fin­ished ani­ma­tion (sketch above).

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BEEP BEEP! Pop Culture-Centric GIFs by Allison Kerek

allison kerek

I always enjoy a good GIF, and so of course I’m lov­ing Alli­son Kerek’s work! She’s a Kansas City-based illus­tra­tor (my home­town!) who stud­ied inter­ac­tive design in Philadel­phia. Her fun ani­ma­tions fea­ture skulls mor­ph­ing into Ben Franklin, flash­ing NIKE dunks, and of course, Missy Elliot on top of a jeep. I could watch these pop-culture-centric for a looong time. Kim Kardashian’s flut­ter­ing hair is mesmerizing.

If you want to fol­low along with Allison’s GIF-making, check out her Tum­blr!

allisonkerek-12allisonkerek-4 allisonkerek-11 allisonkerek-10 allisonkerek-8 allisonkerek-9 allisonkerek-7 allisonkerek-6 allisonkerek-5

Here are some of Allison’s non-animated illustrations:

allison kerek

01A-Cover.indd allisonkerek-3

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Nancy Liang’s Glittering Night Skies in Surreal GIFs


So, when I fea­tured illus­tra­tor Nancy Liang’s night­time col­lage scenes last year, I didn’t real­ize that she was on the cusp of trans­form­ing them into some­thing that’s even more awesome!

Nancy has since ani­mated her land­scapes and added glit­ter­ing lights, sub­tle puffs of smoke, and your not-so-average trav­el­ers. They’re mys­te­ri­ous, charm­ing, and have sur­real ele­ments in them. After all, when was the last time you wit­nessed a boat trav­el­ing across the night sky?

Check out the rest of Nancy’s GIFs on her web­site and Tum­blr. (Via Doo­dlers Anony­mous)

nancy-liang-2nancy-liang-first nancy-liang-3Nancy LiangNancy LiangNancy Liang Nancy Liang Nancy Liang



Yule Log 2.014: A Yule Log for the Digital Age

Each year, I look for­ward to the holiday-specific projects that put a unique spin on the clas­sics, like Yule Log 2.014. Now in its sec­ond sea­son, this series of short films are cre­ated by illus­tra­tors, ani­ma­tors, direc­tors, and coders to bring the tra­di­tional Yule Log into the dig­i­tal age.

There are a ton of them that are avail­able for view on the Yule Log site. Here are some of my favorites!


Move Mountain, a Short Film by Kristen Lepore

Move Mountain by Kristen Lepore

Do you have about 11 min­utes today? Sure you do! So, use your time wisely and check out Kris­ten Lepore’s new ani­mated short, Move Moun­tain. You might remem­ber her work, Bot­tle, which was widely pop­u­lar a few years ago. This, like its pre­de­ces­sor, does not dis­ap­point. Delight­ful yet sophisticated.

PS: If you have scardy cats like I do, they might be star­tled by some of the sound effects.

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Julian Glander’s Animated GIFs Featuring Glamourous Sandwiches

Julian Glander

I don’t know about you, but boy, did it snow in Bal­ti­more! Schools and busi­nesses were closed and I didn’t leave my apart­ment for over 24 hours. Julian Glander’s ani­mated GIF of a sand­wich snow­board­ing down a moun­tain feels oddly appro­pri­ate right now.

The snow­board­ing sand­wich GIF isn’t the only sub-related ani­ma­tion that Julian has in his port­fo­lio. He actu­ally cre­ated a slew of them for the pop­u­lar sand­wich fran­chise, Sub­way. The ani­ma­tions fea­ture $5 Foot­longs mod­el­ing, in space, get­ting their por­trait painted, and more. I think Julian’s work is hilar­i­ous and I love his style. His char­ac­ters are tac­tile, set­tings col­or­ful, and it’s just a lot of fun. I wasn’t aware that Sub­way had a sense of humor, but these GIFs prove me wrong.

All images via his web­site. You might remem­ber Julian’s work from the pop­u­lar Yule Log 2.0 last hol­i­day season.

Julian Glander
Julian Glander
Julian Glander
Julian Glander

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The Surreal Fashion GIFs of Tara Dougans

Tara Dougans

These ani­mated GIFs by Tara Dougans are a lit­tle crazy, a lit­tle weird, but very cool. They com­bine draw­ing, ani­mat­ing, and are a nod to fash­ion illus­tra­tion. Some are sub­tle, like the long-necked mod­els del­i­cate tears. Oth­ers are dizzy­ing, like the images directly above and below. I’m mesmerized.

All images via her web­site. Fol­low her on Tum­blr, too!

Tara DougansTara Dougans Tara Dougans Fashion GIF tara2 taratara9 tara8 tara7